• xArrowEmbbeded support WinCE 4.2/5/6 + ARM9/Cortex-A8/X86
  • Backward compatible with all the previous versions
  • Easy to expand the protocol driver
  • Alarm processing and preservation
  • Real time and multi-tasking kernel
  • Support archive historical and alarm data daily to the user-specified path
  • Support use keyboard to simulate mouse click and movement message on the screen
  • Support project encryption/decryption
  • Support Download the project via both USB disk and TCP/IP network
  • Full Object Oriented technology
  • All the modules designed in accordance with Windows operating habits, easy to use
  • The design mode and the run mode can be opened simultaneously
  • Integrated development workspace to manage the entire project, providing top-down design approach
  • Entire project data contained in one folder and its sub-folders
  • Project manager can easily switch and import different project
  • Simply configure the project by modify the default parameters, all changes are saved instantly
  • Provide data import/export functions, users can use Microsoft Excel to build tags and structs of the project
  • Provide emulate PLC to simulating values of PLC variables
  • Powerful gallery is user-friendly, and easy to create use's own widgets
  • Drawings can be imported/exported as the template
  • Without compiling, all changes are WYSIWYG
  • Script is easy to use, and easy to debug the error
  • uilt-in support for all the popular PLC (Siemens, GE, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, Delta..., etc.), some of the inverter and some other communication protocols
  • Communicate via the serial port, TCP/UDP networks and other media
  • Can be worked as the Modbus/Modbus TCP slave, and support write operation from Modbus/Modbus TCP master
  • Build-in GraceMaster/GraceSlave protocol, support upload data from xArrow sub-station to xArrow central station
  • Kernel use Hash algorithms to access real-time database
  • Data acquisition and process using the event-driven mode
  • Polling interval is configurable
  • The write operation has higher priority level than the read operation
  • Can specify a data to read
  • Time-stamping of data with millisecond accuracy
  • Object-oriented data structures, including the station, string, analog and switch
  • All the data forming a tree structure depend on the device it belongs
  • Analog and switch can be configured as read-only or writeable
  • Analog can be converted to physical values
  • Analog support simple filtering function
  • Analog has 5 alarm type, and have deadband
  • Switch has 3 alarm type
  • Alarm of the tag can be delayed to prevent false alarm, support used-defined alarm description, voice alarm, and can trigger script execution
  • Use script to access all the information about the tag
  • System analog show the time, alarm count and communication status of the system
  • Can be configured use xArrow’s own database to store all the historical data and alarm, efficiently and quickly
  • Support archive historical data and alarm information daily to a single data file
  • Data can be saved periodically, or when alarm triggered, or according to user's needs
  • SCADA can be configured waiting some time after startup before begin to save data to avoid incomplete data
  • Support automatic database cleanup
  • Use script and SQL statement to access the database
  • Support export historical data to CSV file
  • SCADA startup
  • SCADA closed
  • To a given time
  • Periodically
  • Tag's alarm trigger
  • Grouped alarm trigger
  • Open the drawing
  • Close the drawing
  • Periodically when the drawing opened
  • Hot key pressed in the drawing
  • Mouse click down, click up or move on the widget
  • Object-Oriented graphical interface
  • Full vector drawing tools, support for 24-bit true color
  • Support 24 kinds of fill mode, including 16 kinds of color gradient
  • Provide Undo/Redo function
  • Support bitmap transparent, filling, scaling
  • Support directly copy bitmap from other environment (such as a browser) and paste it into the project
  • More than 70 kinds of widgets, including text, 3D polyline, real-time data, gauge, waterflow, data grid, historical trends, alarms, buttons, etc.
  • Support directly copy symbols in Symbol Factory and paste it into the drawing in vector format
  • Support string search and replace function
  • The running state of the real-time widget is decide by the given condition
  • Directly edit the property of the sub-widget of a group widget without ungroup it
  • Each widget can be configured with tooltip
  • Unlimited number of drawings, and the single screen sizes up to 10240*7680 pixels
  • Each writeable widget and each drawing can be set the access permissions
  • Support use the keyboard to simulate mouse messages, such as mouse move, mouse click, and click the [Tab] key can traverse all the widgets in the drawing
  • 5 kinds of analog alarms, 3 kinds of switch alarms, and 12 kinds of event
  • All the alarm and event can be saved and displayed
  • Support voice alarm
  • Alarm acknowledge time is also saved
  • Support automatically print the current alarm
  • Support delay arise alarm to avoid false alarm
  • Each write operation can be saved, include the value, operator and return status
  • Query alarm with a variety of ways
  • Support archive daily alarm information to a single data file
  • Provide alarm viewer to display alarm in historical database and archived data file
  • Support clean up alarm database automatically
  • Each user belongs to a user group
  • Check password strength automatically
  • Each writable widget and each drawing can be set the access rights
  • Support encrypt/decrypt project with password
  • All the setting operation can be configured require user log in
  • Automatically log out if there is no operation for some time
  • Data grid and historical trend used to query and display data from xArrow historical database, include daily/monthly/annual data
  • Data grid and historical trend both support query data by the time and (or) the batch ID
  • Data grid support 18 kinds of statistics functions, and historical trend support 9 kinds
  • Support print the data and the trend
  • Data grid and historical trend support load data from CSV file
  • Data grid support directly load data from the other database via SQL statement
  • Data grid and historical trend support load data from archived file
  • Support save the content of the data grid to CSV file or Excel file
  • Add or remove curve item to historical trend at run time
  • Each curve can have its own mark and axis
  • The curve can be zoom in and zoom out, and display the value at the cursor
  • Use TCL (Tool Command Language) script, easy to use and efficient
  • TCL supports math, logic operations, string operation, file operations, and other various commands associated with the operating system
  • xArrow extend up to 160 command, including real-time database access command, history database access commands, widget operation command, etc.
  • All the extended commands have detailed document and example
  • Script editor support code completion, syntax styling, automatically insert code snippets and the command code, automatically check for matching brackets, etc.
  • Script editor support cut, copy and paste, support search and replace string, and undo/redo function
  • Script can be triggered by alarm, time, hotkey, mouse event, etc.
  • Easy to locate error of script
  • Support I/O station redundancy, system will switch to a backup station if the primary station failure
  • Support archive historical data and alarm daily to a single data file
  • Audit trail
  • Each user has a unique electronic signature
  • User will be locked after a number of unsuccessful attempts
  • User can manually logout or automatically logout after a period of inactivity
  • Each log have a unique signature
  • Option for double signature on doing operations
  • Logging of previous value when change a value
  • Make group widget and save it to the gallery for later use
  • Make drawings and export it as template for later use