Overview - Why Use xArrowEmbedded?

xArrowEmbedded is the embedded version of xArrow, mainly used to provide software support for embedded HMI device. It can run on Microsoft WINCE 4.2/5/6 operating system, and supports hardware platforms including ARM9, Cortext-A8 and X86. xArrowEmbedded is based on xArrow, and only cut on some features because of the limitations of the embedded system. User use the design tools provided by xArrowEmbedded to make the project on windows platform, then download the finished project to the embedded device (xArrowEmbedded running environment already installed) to test and run the project.

Powerful And Easy To Use
xArrowEmbedded is a native WINCE application, it based on object oriented technology, providing up to 60 kinds of widgets and more than 160 extension script commands to help users achieve a variety of functions. It is easy to use, maybe you can learn how to use it within 20 minutes, for more information please refer to xArrow's tutorial video.
High Reliability
xArrowEmbedded support station redundancy, support archive daily historical data and alarm to a single data file, all the operations can be recorded to the database for later analysis. Up to now, there have been more than 7,000 sets of xArrow and xArrowEmbedded software running in different areas.
Data Acquisition And Sharing
xArrowEmbedded shipped with all the popular communication protocols to communicate with the device, and it can worked as a Modbus slave and a Modbus-TCP slave to share the real-time data to other system. Each xArrow or xArrowEmbedded node can share real-time data to other node using xArrow's own communication protocol, fast and efficient.
Excellent Database Functionality
xArrowEmbedded use its own database to save the historical data, alarm and log information, it provide a variety of methods to help users easily get the data they want from these databases, such as export some historical data to an excel file or get the field value of some records. xArrowEmbedded also support save and retrieve data to a CSV file.
Some Useful Features
Provide up to 25 kinds of statistical functions● Compliance with FDA 21 CFR PART 11 requirements● Use keyboard to simulate mouse click and movement message on the screen● Support project encryption/decryption● Copy and paste symbol factory's picture in vector format● Copy and paste bitmaps from web browsers. More feature...
xArrowEmbedded is not sold in modules, which means you get everything you need in one package. Annual licenses are also available for embedded device manufacturers.
Technical Support
We provide a detailed manual that covers every aspect of the use of xArrowEmbedded, such as configure the project, make drawings, etc., and each extension script command has a detailed description and example. In addition, users can download the training videos, demo project and FAQs from our site to help them quickly get started and master the use of the software. Generally we provide e-mail technical support, the response time is within 24 hours. And we also use some instant tools, such as TeamViewer, to help user solving their problem in time. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@xarrow.net or sales@xarrow.net.